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Wanna help support your favorite writer? Or maybe me, instead? Here are some ways to do it:

There was a time, not very long ago, when I was looking for ways to increase my income through direct support from my readers and fans. At present and for the foreseeable future, though, my financial situation is secure enough that I no longer feel justified in looking for donations.

I'm therefore no longer offering some of the options I had before, but if you really want to give me money, I'm happy to accept it. I'm also happy to provide some free information about what's up with my work. Here are some options:

Substack logo 1. I offer a free newsletter through Substack, called the Misenchanted Newsletter, which goes out more or less monthly. There's a subscription link or two in every post.
Patreon logo 2. Make a monthly pledge of $1.00 or more on my Patreon Page. This will get you access to all the stuff I already posted, including about sixty short stories, some of them not previously published, but I'm no longer regularly adding anything new. There may be occasional surprises, but you can't count on anything beyond the knowledge you're doing something nice for me.
3. Don't want a long-term commitment? Then make one or more $3.00 donations, with no further obligation. Does not sign you up for anything else.

So what's involved in each option?

The Misenchanted Newsletter:

If you subscribe to the newsletter, then you'll get an e-mail from me roughly once a month, providing the latest news on what I'm writing and on any new or upcoming publications. Nothing fancy at all. That's it. No commitments, no payments, cancel any time.

There used to be multiple versions of the newsletter when I was just doing it all by hand, but I haven't figured out yet how to do that on Substack. I may try to get back to it.


Patreon is an option for making monthly donations. It's convenient and lets you aggregate support for multiple creators, rather than maintaining several accounts. Rather than me explaining Patreon here, just follow the link and get the official story.


Want to give me a couple of bucks, but keep it really simple? Here you go. Ko-fi is a no-frills opportunity to provide low-level support for creators, the online equivalent of saying thanks by buying someone a cup of coffee. Except I don't actually drink coffee, so we'll fudge it a little.

Why Does This Page Exist?:

I've been a full-time writer since 1979. For about thirty years I earned a decent living at it. Of late, though, the publishing business has changed radically, and it's gotten much harder to make money; the average writer's income has dropped significantly.

I may not be an average writer, I'm not a good judge of that, but my income dropped, too, so in 2017 I actively looked for ways to bring in a little more.

Recently, though, I realized that I don't need that extra anymore. I've found other income streams. So I'm no longer actively seeking direct financial support, but if you want to give me money... well, I didn't shut down the Patreon or Ko-Fi accounts. (I did shut down at least one other option.)


There's also lots of stuff on my webpage -- pages for every published story, articles, advice, travel reports, etc. You can start here. I also have a couple of public blogs, "The Mind Control Lasers Lied to Me" and "The Serial Box," though I don't post much of anything, and I'm on various social media, such as Facebook.

-- Lawrence Watt Evans


That's it; here's your list of handy exits:

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